Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bear With A Sore Head

For the first time in a long while I went on a proper Saturday night out. As a consequence I'm feeling a bit fragile in readiness for my long run this morning and also a bit guilty about the absence of any blogging yesterday, particularly when I had two runs rather than just the usual one.

Did a couple of short runs on Saturday mainly to tease out the stiffness from my legs after hill hell. After a plate of bangers and mash for lunch with twinkling Kevin O, M & I ran a shortish loop around Fewston & Swinsty. The skies opened on our drive up but as soon as we stepped out the grey clouds departed and warm sunshine gleamed across the still waters, catching droplets of fresh rain as we ran along the wooded trail. The path was dim and humid with lush overhanging trees, this place is magical right now if spoiled only slightly by the sound of sausages and mash jiggling audibly in our tummies.

After the wonders of the outdoors we then ventured out to a gig! It's been yonks since we did such a thing. We had the fine company of Julian M of Otley et al. Live music is one of the very few things I miss about living so far from Leeds though the venue wasn't the best; a bit of a flashback to Pheonix Nights. After enduring two support bands of mixed interest; a few glimmers of hope in the set from All Thieves, we then got comfy for One eskimO. JM had sent some tracks which I'd quite liked but these are a band to be seen. The 4 piece are all great musicians and are very strong live. Came home buzzing. That might have partly been due to shandy. Can't believe I've got a hangover this morning, on two shandies, how pathetic am I?! A great start to my Wharfedale HM recce. Until later...

I'm back! Survived the 13.45 miles around the Wharfedale HM recce. Despite suffering with the shandy hangover I managed to get round the whole thing without anything falling off. This is a first long run for a fair bit so was a bit anxious I might have chewed off a bit much this weekend. Anyway, recommend this route as a lovely alternative training run - scenery was spectacular, the course had enough climb to make it a quality training run and there were surprisingly few walkers about. Settled in tonight feeling v sleepy but managed to perk up after watching the last part of the Red Riding trilogy. Have watched very little on the box of late but recorded this and have been savouring each part; this is classy telly. Would recommend this to anyone with a penchant for gritty realism, great tv production and depictions of West Yorkshire in the 70s. Was a bit disappointed to have finished off the good telly stored up on our V+ box thingy until I saw what's on next week... Flight of the Conchords is back! Woohoo! This has got to be the best thing on the telly for ages. If you've got BBC4 this Tuesday at 10.30pm (I think) then switch on, sit back and enjoy. Monday morning won't seem quite so bad with such a treat on on the way.


bigbone said...

Brudenell Social Club, my favourite venue.It's like watching a band in your living room.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah. I was a bit unsure with my fitness, but I ran within myself and produced a good run I think.
I was unaware about the tussle between the woman. I just wanted to get some grub afterwards before RZ Jon Orange loads his truck up with it.
I see you are getting back into it too. You seem to be always enjoying your runs which is very good.
I'm off with music man Julian Mawson to see 'Little Boots' next Friday. Can't think of a better marathon prep.

kate said...

kill or cure ;)

Runningbear said...

Hi Bigbone, well done in Leeds today. I imagined BSC must have been a regular old haunt for you. Trouble was there weren't many there - dance floor was empty and I didn't want to swing my pants all alone. Not at my age anyway, particularly after all that shandy. Had to sit on a chair 10 feet from the stage. That just doesn't seem right at a gig.

Enjoy Little Boots Ian - though make sure you are well tucked up and rested for Windermere, JM might have you out dancing all night.

Hi Kate, think it was cure, but only just. Felt a bit regretful of my excess for the first half. Chocolate milk and cake helped at the end though : )

ultra collie said...

hey rb..why not treat yourself and do the full monty instead of the know you want to!;)

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