Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ruby Slippers & Chocolate Bears

Wow. What a glorious day. Feeling a bit guilty that I didn't post yesterday but was wasted after a terrible night's sleep, (very weird dreams Thursday night). One bonus was the arrival of a belated birthday present (yes, I am a spoiled princess). My new ruby slippers are here - I love these trail shoes so much I wanted another pair. Was also suffering from a general end of week poopedness that led me to feel an early night to bed was the better option. Glad I did as needed all the shut eye I could get for this morning's trip to the track at Nelson.
76yudes (Dilly just typed that walking across my laptop! He's a little boy genius cat - just have to work out what it all means; no doubt some feed me/stroke me type cat hint). Anyway, I planned a sort of half a speed session for today which I hope to maintain in my weekly routine for those non race weeks to try and get the zap back in my stride - I feel like a great Yorkshire pudding on the track at the moment. The session was tough in the warm weather and the usual wind blowing up the back-straight made it hard work but there was great company in the vicinity. Was very surprised and chuffed to see club mate Mary W. She is looking awesome fit at the moment; she seems to have a 12 pack compared to my pudding and is clearly fit, fast and strong. Had a good catch up and hope we might collide (not literally) at the track again soon. Also had nice chats with some local guys from Blackburn, one vet who was particularly awesome to watch running his 200s. Made me feel like I was walking my efforts as he repeatedly soared past me on the final 100 straight. Nice bloke and clearly very speedy.
Anyway, ran an easy couple of miles warm up and warm down and completed a set of 12x300 with a jog 1min recovery. Ran pretty hard but controlled; reps ranged from 54-60 though the slower times were the earlier reps which fits with my usual pattern of needing a bit of a warm up at the beginning. The nice Blackburn bloke took pity on me and ran the last one pacing me round so I squeezed a good final finish though no doubt slowed him down a bit. Nice gesture though - this running lark can be very friendly and supportive. I came away glad I'd made the effort and called by Lidl on the way home to pick up some German treats for M; he's been recovering well but was feeling a bit under the weather today - hope it's temporary and am sure the mountain of Bratwurst I bought home will cheer him up. Also had a treat buying frenzy and stocked up on choco softies and came across a new treat; some chocolately bears. These were a heavenly accompaniment to the special sporty science drink I've formulated; my chocolate milk which I guzzled like a greedy guts in the car journey home. A demain.


jumbly said...

I looked at those Inov-8's and then bought some 315's and now seeing them again is making me wish I'd got them. Mmmmm new shoes, maybe as a reward when all my work is done!

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