Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Addingham Rock

I set out for a steady 6 tonight on undulating trail taking in a long climb from the village straight up through Addingham Moorside to the top road, running under the imposing ridge line of Ilkley Moor turning back down Parson's lane for the equally long descent home. My thighs felt like granite after the exertions of last night; running mile efforts on an incline in the torrential downpour. Not sure about this muscle memory business; my legs seem to be suffering a serious attack of amnesia. I just don't seem to be able to put out the training I was managing with relative ease earlier in the year. I'm trying to slowly work up to my previous training load but can't seem to squeeze out the number of efforts at anywhere near the same pace. So I'm gritting my teeth and fully expecting some more very hurty hills tomorrow. Yes, hill hell is back. I'm staying near home whilst M is housebound and plan to revisit the session I suffered two weeks ago. Yes, Turner Lane & I have some unfinished business. Hopefully I'll feel a difference in fitness. Or maybe not. I may have to review this plan if the quads are in the same state tomorrow. I'm not wimping out. Honest.


Hayfella said...

Goodness knows I'm no expert in this but looking at your schedule one word seems to be absent: Rest. You're doing tough session after tough session after long session. When's your poor old bod going to have the time to adapt to it all? Add in all your recent stress and maybe you could do with a bit of chilled out you time.
Please don't think this is in any way a criticism, just an observation.
I know, spend a day making muffins!!

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