Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Twilight Training

Feeling a bit more human today after another night's sleep and a slightly calmer day at work. After recent training and the tough race on Sunday it felt like a rare luxury to enjoy an easy & relaxed run from home - no complications of intervals, efforts or hill reps to detract from the glorious clear blue skies and warm sunshine. Legs still feeling the race but they eventually loosened up after a couple of miles. Ran just over 9 miles at a steady 7.40 pace around Ilkley, on to Ben Rhydding before returning home via the lovely Nesfield road.

It feels like it's been so long ago since I've taken this route on a school night. The unlit back road makes this a tricky option during the winter months. The run takes in breathtaking views of the valley and of Ilkley Moor ridge. I was quite happily bumbling along; immersed in the moment as twilight emerged, the sunny sky welcomed the dusky winking moon, cooing contentedly at the new spring lambs peeking through the hedgerows. I love spring, Welcome back! When the sun's shining I enjoy this lovely place we've made our home even more. As you can see the kids do too...
Plans are for a couple of shorter, easy runs this week to aid recovery and rested up for this weekend's big team competition; the Northern Road Relays. Just heard that our local rivals Ilkley & Otley will also be putting out their top ladies. This will probably be the first time our three local clubs will have competed in the ladies section at this event. I can't wait. Go Bingley!


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