Saturday, 25 August 2012

Alive and just about kicking

Well then. Up I pop again after 5 months...Can't quite believe its been so long since the move. I'm now nicely installed in the most amazing place; a defiantly Yorkshire corner in a red rose world.

The move to a new home has been followed by months of destruction and rubble as we discover various problems hidden behind the vividly painted walls and old stone floors. Still swamped with the renovations we're just picking up the running trail before the dark nights set in.

Running dropped off dramatically, squeezed out by the growing demands at home and work but I've felt the absence of our athletic lifeline and have grown slowly plump as the weeks pass. So once again M and I build up our runs; last night a trot from the house through the heather for a muddy amble to remind these creaky knees of the real outdoors. Hopefully we'll keep it up to consider some new year racing and a cross country or two.