Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Way!

I've bimbled about this last week with a few short runs to get the legs back in action. How unfit am I!? I can't believe I feel so pooped after only 4 miles... these achy breaky legs have long forgotten the days of 22 miles on a Sunday morning under summer skies. 

I'm still making my comeback though I suspect it'll be a protracted one. The snow dump this weekend got in the way a bit but thankfully has stifled any over enthused urges to get back into some mileage. Hurrying the return is a common mistake and my legs have forgotten how to do this running thing. I'm instead enjoying some vicarious racing but am puzzled about the Dewsbury 10k.. was it cancelled?

House stuff still distracts M and I from the flab and unfitness...we slowly approach the move to our dream home with caution. I still daren't say nowt until it's in the bag. Maybe we'll make it in time for spring; the time for nesting. Happy shuffling.