Monday, 29 August 2011

Show Time

It’s a bit shocking to realise that it’s been a whole month since my last blog; where does the time go? There’s been so little play time this last month that I’ve been only minimally aware of injury time and the absence of running. Quite a confession from such a running nut I know. The big job and commuting and all the new stuff to learn has tired me out. I’ve even been wondering whether Runningbear’s blog deserves continued attention. I’m not making any rash decisions yet and hope that over the coming months real life starts to feel more manageable and the blogging mojo hopefully returns. I think maybe I work too much...

For now, a Runningbear update. I am running! I even managed a rather tough 15 with a few mile efforts yesterday (and gave M a run for his money). The Achilles ‘sheath’ is seemingly okay and has coped with a bit of speed work this week too. I’m a few pounds heavier and a bit sad to have missed my favourite races again this year; Burnsall 10 most of all. But I’m also kind of mentally refreshed and thinking excited thoughts about the cross country season and possibly a half marathon PB in January. So the running break can’t have been that bad. 

In the mean time M & I have been contemplating a house move. We’re house hunting in various spots but there’s not much about of what we’re after; something small but secluded. To inspire ourselves we returned to one of our favourite places this weekend for the show. What a lovely day it was. Latest idea is we're thinking of escaping the rat race to become Alpaca farmers... Hope you enjoy the pics.